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Discount Gun Source is located in Las Vegas, NV. We carry a wide selection of firearms for sale from many manufacturers in our Gun Store. We have a diverse selection of Shotguns, Rifles, Pistols and Revolvers.  We also have Ammunition for Sale both Range and Self Defense Ammo. Our Gun Shop offers Firearms for Sale, Ammunition for Sale and Firearms Training.

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Local Sales

Our Las Vegas Gun Store has an excellent selection of in stock firearms. We are authorized dealers with many of the major manufacturers. If there is a firearm you are looking for that we do not have in our local stock please check our online store for availability. You can also contact us directly and we will check with our suppliers on pricing / availability and can order it for you. Special orders take 2 to 4 business days depending on availability and type of Firearm. We typically receive handguns in 2 days and long guns in 4 days.  We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Discover. We do not charge a fee for debit/credit cards.

Internet Sales

All of our local  in stock firearms for sale are also available for purchase and shipment to your local FFL in any of the 50 states. We do not charge sales tax on purchases shipped to your local Gun Store outside of Nevada. You can also visit our Online Store where orders can be placed directly on our website.

It is your responsibility to verify the firearm is legal to own in your state. Please note we will not make any modifications or substitute lower capacity magazines. If you are uncertain please check with your local Gun Store as they should be familiar with the laws in your state.

If you are interested in purchasing a firearm from our local inventory and having it shipped to your local Gun Store please contact us. You are also welcome to visit our Online Store where you can place orders directly online.

Firearm Transfers

We offer a firearm transfer service for your out of state purchases. The transfer fee is $30 for the first firearm and $10 for each additional firearm transferred at the same time.  This is valid for up to 3 firearms. A $25 background check fee also applies if you DO NOT have a valid Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit. All firearms must be picked up within 7 days unless prior arrangements have been made with us. Storage fees may apply if not picked up in a timely manner.

If you want to utilize our transfer service send an email to with the following information.

1. Copy of invoice/receipt with what was purchased and paid to the seller

2. All of your contact information including name, address and phone number

3. Sellers email address or fax number

We will send the seller a copy of our FFL and confirm we sent it with you.  All shipments must come from an FFL and include an invoice and copy of the dealers FFL. Transfers without this information will be delayed.

If you have a firearm shipped to us without our authorization it may be refused / returned to sender. If we do accept it a $100 blind transfer fee applies. No private party transfers or NFA transfers.

Once your firearm is received in our store it must be logged, checked in and all paperwork must be verified to ensure we have what is required to process the transfer. This process can take  up to 24 hours. (One Business Day) Firearm transfers are NOT available for pick-up the same day they are received. We will contact you to schedule a time when your firearm is ready for pick-up. Transfers are done Tuesday through Friday only. Please plan for the required processing time when utilizing this service. 

The Nevada Department of Taxation requires all Nevada Gun Stores to collect sales tax on your out of state purchases. This tax applies to the transfer and the total price paid to the out of state seller.  There are some possible exemptions from this tax such as private party sales and gifts. Please see the link below for the specific details of the bulletin from the Nevada Department of Taxation.

Tax Bulletin SUT15-0001

Training (Handguns, Shotguns and Rifles)
We have Two Day and Four Day Course Certificates available for Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, NV. The facility is about 55 minutes outside of Las Vegas and offers some great training.

More information about Front Sight can be found at the links below.

We can also refer you to some other local training options including CCW courses as we work with a few local Certified NRA Instructors. 

Please give us a call for further information.